Hello, my name is Isabelle Cormier from Dieppe, New Brunswick. I am an elementary school teacher for the “District scolaire francophone Sud” since 2003. Four years ago, I experienced a professional burnout and then returned to work better equipped. I then realized that there was a lack in wellness tools and mental health support for children. This inspired me to create my first book which is a suitable tool for children.

This unique book: “Mika on Planet SUNSHINE and Mika on Planet STORM” deals with the positive mindset and the ability to meet challenges. This tool is the first of an out of the ordinary collection in which you will be able to discover other themes relating to the current world (diversity, mourning, anxiety …).

Each book is accompanied by a poster and an accompanying guide bookmark. My Emotions Journal is a tool that helps children to recognize gratitude in their everyday lives.

My dearest wish is to see my collection in classrooms, educational centers, daycares and many homes all over the world.

With love xxx